How to Work Through Overwhelm

Taking a mindful moment to talk about overwhelm and the feelings that come up for us.

1. The hardest part about overwhelm is that it can feel consuming and difficult to see our way out of it. The first step to unfogging our glasses is to take an intentional pause and notice when it's happening. When is overwhelm coming up for you? What are you doing? Who are you with?

2. Where might there be a pattern to sit with and look at with curiosity? Perhaps it comes up most often when we are on the verge of success or perhaps we see it in how we manage our time? What might overwhelm be teaching us? Again, approaching with curiosity. We are not stepping into this space to place judgement on ourselves but to gently observe.

3. What are the deeper feelings behind the overwhelm? What can you say to yourself to offer kindness and compassion for those feelings?

4. Breaking down one piece of whatever the literal catalyst is behind being overwhelmed into steps. Don't solve all the problems at once, but rather take one small bit of it and deconstruct that portion. When we're ready, we move on the next piece and so on.

5. Breathing. Mindful meditation. Take a few minutes to come back to your body, your center, find your balance in the present moment.

6. Support. What are you needing most when you are overwhelmed? What kind of support can you give yourself before overwhelm comes up? During? After? How might you be able to call upon others to offer you support?

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