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Jenean is a certified Life & Wellness Coach. She is a writer, public speaker, and outdoor enthusiast. 

Her work focuses on honoring our relationship with ourselves through mindful, self-compassion. Through this relationship, Jenean believes we can heal our shame stories, cultivate resilience and have more a compassionate, balanced way of life. 

Clarity, personal empowerment, and emotional well-being are common side effects of working with Jenean. Read more about Jenean here.


Rebecca LeBlanc

Owner/Operator Sundry Modern Florals

Jenean is such a caring, insightful, and dedicated coach! Working with her has helped me tremendously in my journey, specifically helping me develop a healthier relationship with myself and map out where I want to go in my growth and development. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone wrestling with perfectionism, and/or who needs guidance to reach their goals and dreams. Let’s face it, we could all benefit from having someone like Jenean on our team! 

Maria Cesar

Jenean is a uniquely gifted coach. When we began our sessions, I was working as a communications director and policy adviser for a large city mayor. I thought I had “made it” but was stressed, anxious and angry all the time. When we began coaching together, I realized how deeply unhappy I was and how badly I wanted to change the course of my life. Working together, she helped me find the heart space and the courage to define my dreams and take ownership of a reality where I placed my happiness and health above all else. We worked together to chart an exit plan from my job that included months of decompressing and inspiring travel before launching my own storytelling business. It sounds like a movie, but she helped me do that. In the six months since we started working together, I left my stressful unfulfilling job, traveled all over the U.S and Colombia, successfully launched my business, and fell in love. I can’t say this enough: working with her quite literally changed the trajectory of my life and I am forever grateful.

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